Scholar Sprints @ U-M Library

Application closes on Feb 21.

Read the information below, then click "Apply Now!" at the bottom of the page.

For this application, you will respond to five brief prompts (listed below). It's a Sprint!, not a marathon, so be concise. Aim to respond to each prompt in one paragraph. Your application is a starting point for a conversation about what's possible. Your project rationale and scale (below) will likely be relatively fuzzy at this stage.


  • DESCRIPTION: Describe the primary goals of the proposed project within the context of your current research and/or teaching.
  • VALUE: Describe the added value of this project for your research and/or teaching.
  • COMMUNITY: Describe how this project responds to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion and/or how this project responds to challenges in your scholarly or instructional community.
  • RATIONALE: Describe reasons for partnering with the UM Library on this project. Which library services, resources, and specialists will be vital to the success of the project?
  • SCALE: Why do you think this project can be completed by a small team working intensely over a period of two days?

You must be available to participate in-person on May 7-8, 2020.